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  • Michelle Fabiani, DVM, Dipl ACVR

    Dr. Fabiani received a bachelors degree in Veterinary Science from Texas A&M in 1991. In 1993 she received her DVM, also from Texas A&M University. Following graduation she practiced general veterinary medicine in Houston for 6 years. Dr. Fabiani joined Gulf Coast Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging in 1999. She completed her three year radiology residency in 2001. Dr. Fabiani is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Her interests include computed tomography and ultrasound. Dr. Fabiani can be reached at drfabiani@gcvs.com

  • Amanda Crabtree, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVR
    Dr. Crabtree received her Bachelor of Science in 2002 from Iowa State University and her Master of Science in 2010 from Auburn University. She also received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2006 from Ohio State University and received her ACVR Board Certification in 2010. She is also a member of American College of Veterinary Radiology, Western Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, and American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Crabtree's professional interests include ultrasound, CT and MRI

  • Kate Sippel, DVM, Dipl ACVR

    Dr. Sippel earned her BA in biology at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and her DVM degree from the University of Illinois in Urbana. She completed a small-animal rotating internship at a private practice in San Diego, California, and then spent a year working in small-animal emergency medicine in Toledo, Ohio. She completed her residency in diagnostic imaging at Michigan State University. Since board certification, Dr. Sippel has worked at numerous veterinary schools across the country in locum positions. She was an assistant professor at Oklahoma State University prior to joining Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists.


  • Holly Polf, DVM, Dipl ACVR

    Dr. Polf earned a BA in Chemistry from Baylor University. She then attended Oklahoma State University where she earned her DVM degree in 2003. She did a small animal rotating internship at Florida Veterinary Specialists in Tampa, Florida after graduation. Dr. Polf practiced in a small animal general practice in Houston, Texas for three years before completing a radiology internship and residency at Texas Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas in 2011. She became board certified in Radiology in September of 2011 and is now on faculty at Oklahoma State University.

  • Laura Hammond, DVM, Dipl ACVR
    Dr. Hammond recently completed a residency in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Tennessee. Prior to her residency, she completed both an internship in Diagnostic Imaging at the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, and a rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego. Dr. Hammond earned her DVM from Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine in Pomona, California after obtaining her BS is Biology and Chemistry at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Robert T. O’Brien DVM, MS, Dipl ACVR
    Dr. Robert O’Brien earned his B.S. from the University of Maine (Orono) and his M.S. from the University of Cincinnati. He then obtained his DVM from Ohio State University. Dr. O’Brien completed an internship and radiology residency at the University of Pennsylvania, and became board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 1992. Since board certification, Dr. O’Brien has been a faculty member of the University of Wisconsin for 12 years, in private practice for 2 years, and on faculty at Kansas State University for 3 years. For the past 6 years, he has held the position of Professor and Head of the Radiology Service at the University of Illinois. He has authored over 80 scientific manuscripts, including the “BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Abdominal Imaging” and "Thoracic Radiology for the Small Animal Practitioner".
    Dr. O’Brien immensely enjoys teaching students and residents. In his spare time, he enjoys long distance trail running, trail maintenance, mountain climbing and spending time with his family at his house in Maine.
  • LeeAnn Pack DVM, Dipl ACVR
    Dr. LeeAnn Pack grew up in Northeast Arkansas and worked as a human radiology technologist before entering veterinary school. She received her DVM from Louisiana State University in 1997. After graduation, she completed a one-year large animal internship at the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), Prince Edward Island, Canada. LeeAnn then completed a diagnostic imaging residency at the University of Georgia in 2001. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR). After the completion of her residency, she moved back to Canada to again work at the Atlantic Veterinary College as a radiologist for 15 years. She acted as service chief of the diagnostic imaging section and residency director for the ACVR resident training program. She has received multiple awards for her teaching excellence and has inspired numerous students from AVC to enter the imaging specialty. Currently, Dr. Pack is owner and CEO of Southland Vets a mobile ultrasound and teleradiology company based in Northeast Arkansas. In her spare time, LeeAnn enjoys photography and traveling. She has 2 dogs; both are patchwork Catahoulas with blue eyes. She actively trains the dogs in obedience and competes in agility.
  • Matthew Nelson, DVM, BS, Dipl ACVR
    BS: Hope College
    DVM: Michigan State University
    Internship: VCA Southpaws
    Residency: Radiology, University of Georgia Diplomate, America College of Veterinary Radiology
    Special Interests/Expertise: Ultrasonography, computed tomography, radiology.


  • Adam Kane DVM, DACVIM
    Dr. Kane, hailing from Syracuse, NY, completed his Angell residency in 2014 and now practices at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in Rhode Island. He came to the Angell Cardiology Service with significant small animal private practice emergency and critical care experience. In addition, Dr. Kane has actively participated in cardiovascular research. Specifically, he has been involved with investigating the canine model for Duchene muscular dystrophy in golden retrievers. Dr. Kane’s special interests include interventional cardiology and approach to the critically ill cardiac patient. He is currently working on research projects related to thoracoscopic surgery and echocardiographic changes in myocardial disease in cats.
  • Rebecca Cervenec DVM, DACVIM
    Dr. Cervenec earned her BS degree in Animal Sciences from The Ohio State University and attended graduate school at the University of Arizona. While at the University of Arizona, she studied muscle biology and obtained her MS in Animal Sciences. She obtained a degree in veterinary medicine from The Ohio State University and completed a residency in Cardiology at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to entering her residency, she completed a small animal medicine and surgery rotating internship at the University of Minnesota. She became Board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Specialty of Cardiology in 2015


  • Chanda Miles, DVM, DAVDC

    Dr. Chanda Miles received her Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO in 1999. In 2006 she graduated from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed her 4th clinical year at Kansas State University.  After graduation she practiced as a general practitioner in Salt Lake City, UT for 3 years. During this time she developed a strong interest in dentistry, which lead her to pursue further training in it.  Her residency and surgical fellowship was completed in 2012 at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Madison, WI.  She became a diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College in 2013.  Currently, Dr. Miles runs a thriving dentistry and oral surgery service at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, TX. 

  • Tiffany Menke, DVM, DAVDC

    Dr. Menke is originally from Austin and received her DVM from Ross University. She completed her Residency in Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery at the University of Illinois. After her residency, she worked at North Houston Veterinary Specialists for 2 years. Dr. Menke’s favorite part of being a veterinarian is helping pet parents care for their four legged family members. The human-animal bond is an integral part of why she loves being a veterinarian.

  • MJ Redman, DVM, DAVDC

    Dr. Redman is board-certified in veterinary dentistry. She received her AB in Biology from Brown University in 1989 and graduated from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She worked in general practice in Arizona and Washington before pursuing veterinary dentistry as a specialty. Dr. Redman joined Mission Veterinary Specialists in June 2014. Prior to joining Mission, Dr. Redman owned Pacific Animal Dentistry, a mobile veterinary dentistry practice based near Seattle where she provided advanced dental services on a referral basis to local small animal hospitals. After moving to Maryland, she spent three years working in a practice limited to dentistry and oral surgery at the Animal Dental Center. In addition, she assisted in teaching courses to veterinarians and veterinary technicians at the Animal Dental Training Center. Courses included hands-on training in taking and interpreting dental radiographs, tooth extractions, fracture repair, root canals and tumor removal. Dr. Redman has lectured to veterinarians and veterinary technicians at weekend courses sponsored by the Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center and has helped teach laboratories in endodontics and rabbit and rodent dentistry at the Veterinary Dental Forum. She has been a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society Board of Directors where she helped establish student chapters at veterinary schools in the US and Canada. Dr. Redman has extensive experience treating a variety of oral pathologies including periodontal disease, fractured teeth, malocclusions, stomatitis, masticatory myositis, gingival hyperplasia and oral neoplasia. At Mission, she will offer services including root canals and vital pulp therapy, full and cast metal crown restoration of teeth, active and passive orthodontic appliances, tooth extractions and oronasal fistula repair, cleft palate repair, mandibulectomies and maxillectomies. Her special area of interest is oral surgery and she enjoys teaching referring veterinarians and their staff about dentistry.