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Diagnostic Imaging Consultations

Our radiologists utilize radiography, radiographic contrast studies, ultrasonography, echocardiography, spiral computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help obtain an accurate diagnosis and to remotely aid in effective therapy and treatment for your patients.  .

Cardiology Consultations

Our veterinary cardiologists work with veterinarians in an integrated team approach to better diagnose and treat patients with heart disease. Our highly trained, board certified cardiologists are able to interpret advanced diagnostic images that are used to identify the heart problem suspected in patients. The consultation and evaluation of the images are then used to create a treatment plan specifically for the patient's condition. 

Dental Consultations

Veterinarians have training to manage most common dental problems in animal patients. Sometimes however, complicated dental problems are recognized which veterinarians may not have the equipment or the training to manage. GCVTelemedicine offers remote consultations with Board Certified Veterinary Dentists for further insight and treatment recommendations.