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The veterinarian can submit the cardiology consult online by logging in to the clinic's telemedicine account.

About Cardiology Consultations

Radiographic Consult As a specialty consultation service, our cardiologists are available and committed to working with veterinarians in an integrated team approach to better diagnose and treat patients with heart disease. Our highly trained, board certified cardiologists are able to interpret advanced diagnostic images that are used to identify the heart problem suspected in patients. The consultation and evaluation of the images are then used to create a treatment plan specifically for the patient's condition. Depending on the problems identified through diagnostic testing, treatment recommendations may be medical (e.g. starting or adding additional oral medications) or may require an interventional procedure (e.g. pacemaker implantation).

Services Provided for Companion Animal and Exotics

Cardiology Consultations

Cardiology consultations will include a detailed, written assessment based on the patient's radiographs, echocardiogram, and/or ECG. The cardiologists report will include their findings, diagnosis, therapeutic recommendations, and follow up schedule.

Turn Around Time

Routine Cardiology Consultation will be available the next business day.

Hours of Operation

Online Case Submission
8:00am – 6:00pm (EST)

Technical Support
8:00am – 6:00pm (CST)

Image & File Submission

Radiographs & Echocardiograms
Digital imaging in DICOM format can be sent directly to our server. Our technical support team will be happy to help set hospital equipment to do this.

Non DICOM format imaging can be attached directly to the cardiology request similar to attaching an image to an email.

Files (PDF, WORD, etc)
Patient's medical record, laboratory results and ECG/EKG files can be uploaded directly to the cardiology consult with an easy-to-use upload format.